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Who Are You

Communication Service Provider

GENBAND solutions help fixed and mobile operators, cable providers or MSOs, ISPs, and interconnect and wholesale carriers quickly capitalize on growing market segments and introduce differentiating products, applications and services.


GENBAND’s real-time communications solutions offer organizations an innovative and cost effective alternative to proprietary PBX and UC products. GENBAND solutions embrace open standards like WebRTC.

Independent Software Vendor / System Integrator

GENBAND helps Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and Systems Integrators (SIs) to weave real-time contextual communications into business and consumer applications and workflows for a more productive and engaging user experience.


Network Transformation

Upgrade your legacy infrastructure to reduce your environmental footprint, and have it pay for itself.

Simply Mobile

Explore our white label OTT and small cell and carrier WiFi solutions.

Embedded Communications

Experience our Platform as a Service Kandy and WebRTC gateway.

Unified Communications

Encounter our enterprise solutions for Nortel PBX replacement.

On-Demand Webinar

Skype for Business (Lync) Voice/Video for Less with WebRTC

On-Demand Webinar

New Nortel PBX Migration Options: JITC Certification and Polycom Endpoints

Real Time Communications without Boundaries

GENBAND is a global leader in real time communications, network transformation and unified communications for service providers, enterprises, and systems integrators.
Embedded communications Platform as a Service
Unified Communications as a Service
Let's Go OTT Together

In The Spotlight


Limitless Communication

A cloud service offering for contextual real time communications with simple pricing and powerful.


Solutions that Bridge & Scale

Ensures high quality, secure multimedia sessions – browser to browser, fixed and mobile.


Network Transformation

Transform Your Network to be Sustainable and the Conversion Pays for Itself!


Network Functions Virtualization

GENBAND’s differentiated Virtual Network Functions (VNF) portfolio includes fully virtualized, high-performance communications signaling, control and media management solutions.
  • At GENBAND we’re all about continually pushing boundaries by introducing disruptive real time communications solutions such as our Kandy platform. We are committed to improving the user experience by embedding real time communications capabilities into as many of our everyday applications and endpoints as possible. – David Walsh, Chairman and CEO - GENBAND
  • The frothy talk of OTT startups and the breakneck pace of their global consumer adoption has certainly grabbed the attention of carriers. No one can afford to ignore a potential loss of $14B in the next year to current OTT players. The stats are staggering. – Patrick Joggerst, CMO

Nortel PBX

Migrate your Nortel PBX Today! Either the Nortel CS 1000 or Nortel CS 2100/SL-100

What Our Customers Say


Ian Jenkins

BT is one of the world's leading communications services companies, serving the needs of customers in the UK and in more than 170 countries worldwide...
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Bell - UC

John Rocca

Bell Aliant is one of North America's largest regional telecommunications providers and the first company in Canada to cover an entire city with FTTH technology with its FibreOP services...
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VTR - Network Transformation

Ramón Canas

VTR selected GENBANDs C20 & Application Server (AS) with G6 media gateways to consolidate and modernize their existing network of CS2Ks and DMS 100s.
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Timico - Cloud UC

David Hamer

Timico chose GENBAND’s Nuvia Cloud UC to assure that their existing customers would be satisfied and to create a new, differentiated, solution that will attract new customers.
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Rural Telcos - Network Transformation

Curtis Taylor

Skyline Membership Corporation, Surry Telephone Membership Corporation and Buggs Island Telephone (BIT) are not only leading cooperatives (coops) that have deployed the GENBAND C15 Compact Softswitch...
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    Network transformation is part of the network modernization process by service providers working towards a migration away from legacy systems and archaic network infrastructure to a more efficient and highly consolidated network able to offer innovative services via Internet Protocol and cloud technologies. Not only do legacy systems require expensive upfront capital investments, they also incur ongoing operational costs and consume significant power and space. Network transformation helps minimizes these inefficiencies and the transformation paid for by operating-expense-based program options. Network transformation also ensures carrier-grade reliability and scalability, especially for regional or rural networks that demand infrastructure modernization.

    Check out GENBAND’s Network Modernization solutions, including Network Transformation.


    Unified communications (UC) solutions offer real time communications in a bundle, providing streamlined and consolidated functions. With a unified communications solution, text, voice, video, and screen sharing collaboration can all be accessed from one integrated system. Not only can unified communications be applied to residential services, enterprises can merge their communications with their branch offices. Unified communications solutions also apply to contact centers and intelligent messaging, where greater demand of multi-function services is present. Going a step further, virtualization creates the opportunity for unified communications to be consumed or offered as a service from the cloud.

    Check out GENBAND’s array of Unified Communications solutions for Communications Service Providers or Enterprises.

  • NFV

    Network functions virtualization (NFV) takes service providers towards more efficient, innovative and agile solutions for consumer and business communications service offerings by consolidating network capabilities into the cloud with virtualized functions. NFV allows carrier service providers to cut costs associated with monolithic and proprietary systems and approaches of today. With the migration to network functions virtualization (NFV) solutions, services become easier to configure and deliver, and new services become deployable in days, not years.

    Check out GENBAND’s NFV Solutions


    Real time communication (RTC) is about connecting people anywhere, on any device. With the ability to embed on an array of systems, including mobile devices, business processes and workflows, real time communication transforms the speed and quality of everyday communication as well as increase productivity and accessibility. Today’s consumers and businesses demand immediate communication at a growing rate, calling for high quality and personalized services. These RTC services include a suite of solutions that work together to form an integrated system, providing comprehensive access and quality implementation of connecting people, groups, and businesses.

    Check out GENBAND's Real Time Communications solutions.